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At WFMC we strive to address assignments as a tandem. So you are able to benefit from the combined experience of the partners and yet you have only 1 contact point.

Each assignment is handled in the following five steps:

Status Quo​

Any decision on the future starts from the present.

To understand why a company stands where it stands today, we perform a 360-degree assessment: with customers, business partners, managers and employees, we make a status quo of strong and weak points.

Looking Backwards

Many companies have acquired over the years a strong market position and have built up brand awareness.

Often, major decisions taken in the past have an impact still to this day on the position in the market. It is important for these elemnts to be be included in the analysis.

Looking Forward

​In order to develop the future vision, we will take into account to the current strengths without ignoring any shortcomings of your company and combine them with insight into the challenges on short and long term and in close dialogue with all stakeholders.

We find it important to know the opinion of your customers and business partners because ultimately their requirements and needs determine the direction your company should be going.

Planning &


This long term vision will then converted into a realistic roadmap with concrete targets for the entire organization to support and implement.

In our experience, many companies often place a rather one-sided emphasis on processes and too little emphasis on the staff. We therefore will have at this stage much attention for the people behind  the processes and we want to ultimately ensure that all parties actually feel involved.

It is crucial that each individual recognizes his role in the bigger picture and understands how his or her everyday contribution ensures that your company can fulfill its vision and reach its targets.

In this way, the natural human resistance to change will be addressed and the project has a greater chance of success.

Follow Up & Adjustment

During the implementation of a strategy, companies tend quickly to switch into the "business as usual" mode and lose sight of the long term vision and the big story behind the goals and projects.

We find it important to regularly review the progress not only to determine whether the short-term objectives will be attained.

The involvement of the staff and management regarding the long-term goals should also be evaluated regularly. And adjusted if necessary.

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