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From a production-driven to an information-centric organisation

Information-centric companies have a culture that relies on data that is stored, analysed and visualised where these results form an integral part in strategic decision-making. So, at least one precondition to become an information-centric company is a cultural shift that allows data and the tools to analyse and visualise the data to be accessible to large groups within organisations in combination with business decision-making based on facts instead of gut feeling, as over 1/3 of all managers still do.

Big data is useless if you are not able to visualize all the involved data in a meaningful and understandable manner. There are 1000s of different types of graphs that you can use to make the data understandable. Be open for different graphs instead of a pie chart. When changing your organisation, change the metrics and graphs as well and do not stick with meaningless pie charts that are difficult to read.

Full article on Big Data Startups.

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